• Working with Ilene Rein of Pounding Pavement 101 was not only a pleasure, but it was also an awakening experience.  As a recent graduate, I had a goal of gaining myself an entry-level job or internship in the fashion industry.  Ilene changed my outlook on how to achieve this goal from my initial mindset of “something will come to me” to “I need to bang on every door I can find until I get where I want to be.” 

    Ilene enhanced my motivation to be aggressive about getting out into the industry with specific learning and preparation methods.  Covering resume and cover letter templates, the correct way to reach out to a company, and one of the most useful, interview question reviews, were just several of the steps Ilene took with me to build my drive and achieve my goals.

    What I appreciate most about working with Ilene was her ability to give me the full motivation to getting my name out there, that I never knew I had.  After several weeks of working with her, I’ve received feed back from the companies I’ve reached out to, as well as gaining an internship.  Today, I am more than excited to reach out to companies with full confidence and a beautiful resume that showcases my design background.  I cannot thank Ilene enough for all of her help and guidance through this journey.

    — G.L., Client, College Graduate and Now Employed

  • Everyone needs an Ilene! Her years of experience allow her to effectively help you find and get the job you want with ease. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and will go out of her way to help you achieve your goals. With Ilene, you can be your best professional self without getting lost along the way.

    For anyone like myself who gets caught up in the logistics and complexity of job hunting, Ilene simplifies the equation. She helps you isolate and solve for the first variable, and once you know the first variable, the rest of them come a lot easier. She truly inspires you to pound pavement and will be just as excited as you are when you get the job. Armed with her killer personality, and years of knowledge, working with Ilene Rein will easily be one of the most enjoyable, and constructive job hunting experiences you will have.

    — A.C., College Student Seeking Co-op/Internship

  • Often time, job seekers wonder why they can not receive calls from recruiters. I want you to know you are not alone because college career services simply have students make a standard resumes. When I met Ilene, it was  an eye opener for me. Right away, she showed me what recruiters are looking for in resumes and how to stand out. Two days after Ilene helped me reformatted my resume, I started to receive emails and phones calls from companies. Ilene also helped me prepared for a job interview which went very well. I highly recommend anyone to work with Ilene because she will show you the way that college career services failed to show you.

    — D.G., Client, College Graduate and Now Employed

  • Ilene was a great help to me during my job search as an undergraduate student looking for internships. With her expert help, I learned how to present the best version of myself with steadfast confidence. Ilene's advice to me has been very impactful, and will always be relevant throughout all stages of my job search, be it an internship or even a full time job when I graduate. To anyone looking to stand out: Look no further! You are in good hands.

    — L.G., College Student Seeking Co-op/Internship

  • Are you fresh out of college? Stuck with no direction on where to go? Have you gone to numerous interviews and constantly come up dry? Well then this is the perfect place for you! will give you the perfect tips to building your resume and discovering what career path would be perfect for you. Ilene rein is smart, encouraging and very patient when dealing with clients. My first meeting with her I was very nervous since I had no idea what to expect. The first moment I saw her, I immediately felt at ease. Her warm presence and friendly demeanor made me feel much more comfortable. They know the challenges today. So many college career counselors do not give their students the proper tips they need to improve their resume and feel more confident when going on a job interview. I myself have had many struggles with my current job search. Every place I look I seem to come up completely dry. I felt completely hopeless and had no idea what I was doing wrong. Meeting with Ilene gave me the confidence to improve my resume and go on more interviews that would be perfect for my career path.  If you are ever experiencing difficulties with your job search then I urge you to check out

    — M.K., Client, College Graduate